Case Study: Late-Game Reality Check

You're about to meet with a husband and wife, ages 62 and 64, who are hoping to retire within the next few years.

They feel pretty good about how much they’ve saved over the years – a little more than $1M across 401ks/IRAs and a brokerage account.  They want to talk to you about how soon they can retire. 

They’ve returned the attached fact finder document to you. Click here to download: Case Study - Late-Game Reality Check - Fact Finder.

Your goals are:

  • Assess their current situation, make recommendations to hit their goals
    • Portfolio targeted return
    • Retirement income goal
    • Retirement ages
    • Pre-retirement Savings
  • Stress test their plan
    • Educate client on key points (shortfalls, ending assets, Income Stability Ratio)
    • Illustrate a few options
      • Annuity with living benefit rider
      • IUL policy
    • Give them a recap presentation of their options
Thanks to everyone who joined us for the webinar!  A recording of the session can be found here:

Topics: Case Studies