February 2016: Beyond the Browser

This month’s release covers a pretty wide range – buckle up!


  • We put RetireUp’s rock-solid servers and data centers through a massive security upgrade.  RetireUp security is now truly enterprise class.  (Two major insurance carriers agree.)  Ask our COO about it – he loves this stuff.
  • Passwords are a little more rigorous now but not too bad. You’ll get some friendly on-screen instructions the next time you change your password.


  • You told us that there were things you changed every time, every plan. We streamlined it!
    • Profile income goal defaults to current dollars rather than future dollars (this one’s for you, Randy!)
    • Income Goal inflation defaults to whatever you used on other plans/clients
    • SS Income inflation defaults to whatever you used on other plans/clients
    • All expense types’ inflation rates are defaulted to your commonly used rates
    • 529 Assets default to untaxed.
    • A handful of small, beautiful tweaks
  • User requests
    • Much more flexible Employer Match options on 401k contributions
    • Oodles of tool tips, giving you detailed information on the Retirement Plan just by hovering
    • Number of days left on trials is accurate down to the second. Use your time wisely!
    • For those of you on really small screens, made improved use of limited real estate. (Seriously, though, sometimes it’s time for an upgrade.)
    • Lots of alignment, spacing and general cleanup on the Retirement Plan page and presentations

Annuity Products

  • Great American annuity products are now available within Compare It. Read more about it here!
  • We’ve got a lot more VA's and FIA's coming really, really soon.  Promise.

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