Great American annuities within Compare It!

GAIG Annuities-horzWe are working together with Great American Life to combine the power of their products with the most innovative retirement income modeling tools in the market.

RetireUp is excited to be able to illustrate Great American Life's American Legend® III fixed-indexed annuity with the IncomeSecure℠ rider, directly within client retirement income models.

Give it a shot now!  Log into your account and click on the Compare It icon on any asset to see how it performs.  Don't have a RetireUp account yet?  Sign up for a free trial right now!

RetireUp software brings income planning to life, integrating the entire portfolio into a dynamic graphic presentation that answers the question, “Will I have enough?” in rich detail. It is simple to illustrate a broad range of possibilities, from the worst-case to the best-case scenarios, and from there create a robust plan to address the gaps.



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