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Financial Advisor Magazine ( recently sat down with Michael Roth, Chief Strategy Officer of FinTech company RetireUp – a retirement income planning software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider – to discuss innovative new tools and strategies they have developed which address the DOL-inspired changes needed in the retirement income field for financial advisors.


Key Excerpts from the interview:

FA: Based on that (DOL Fiduciary Rule), can advisors also use your retirement income planning software and service as a fiduciary compliance tool as well?

Roth: Yes. RetireUp provides the ability for the advisor and the client to interact around different retirement risks and assists in demonstrating how to fill any gaps as a result of those risks. RetireUp also allows the advisor to easily document any key points of conversation or specific rationale for why the advisor and client chose a specific course of action.

FA:  You have mentioned how RetireUp can also help advisors redraft the conversation around investment vehicles in their retirement income strategy? Can you further explain this?

Roth: RetireUp facilitates a deeper conversation between the advisor and client. The tool identifies the risks, needs and goals of the client, communicates how specific investment vehicles respond to different variables, and how that response will affect the client’s retirement income. Thus, the retirement income strategy that is implemented will be built on knowledge around the client’s goals and what investment vehicles will help facilitate in reaching those goals.

For an example, while we do not promote annuity sales, we do list annuities as a retirement income option, describe what an annuity does, and accurately communicate that to a client. We build in the specs and fees of the annuity with the main goal of putting everything on the table in the retirement conversation. The problem traditionally is the client and/or the advisor may come to the table with assumptions based on what they were told by the media or common practice (this product is too expensive, etc).


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