FIG to use RetireUp Pro platform in new partnership

This article was originally posted on Verdict on February 8th, 2018.

Financial Independence Group (FIG), a finance and insurance marketing organisation, has selected RetireUp’s retirement income planning platform, RetireUp Pro, to enhance its client experience from start to finish.

The partnership will give FIG advisers access to RetireUp Pro’s real-time modeling software that simplifies complex data and illustrates a client’s most critical income risks instantly.

The platform is expected to enable FIG advisers to create a personalised income plan in less than 30 minutes.

The RetireUp Pro platform will also give FIG advisors access to real-time modeling software that categorises insurance products, such as annuities, as an asset class within a client’s portfolio.

Advisers will be able to test-drive various pre-modeled products using the client’s own portfolio data.

Financial Independence Group COO Brian Williams said: “There is simply no other tool in existence like RetireUp Pro. It gives our advisers an incredibly advanced and comprehensive vantage point of their clients’ financial pictures, yet breaks it all down for the end client in a visually compelling and understandable way.

“We’re incredibly excited about the partnership and are eager to watch our advisors elevate their client relationships using RetireUp Pro.”

RetireUp president and chief sales officer Michael Roth said: “RetireUp was created with the idea that an adviser’s offering is so much more than collecting data and putting together one-size-fits-all plans. Clients deserve to feel engaged and empowered in planning for their financial futures, and we believe that RetireUp Pro will help them get there.”